Thursday, March 22, 2007

SL/Rules of the House

! Under no circumstances can a pet watch me go to the bathroom.

!! You must smoke reefer while in bed.

!!! You must invite a different nationality home each night depending on what we have planned for breakfast the next day.

!!!! There will be no hanky panky until I get home.
Milo was slumped over in his car seat.

I'm afraid he was more than (Away)... He was (Away, Busy).

Later, we found out that Milo had been going through a script error that wouldn't go away. Even a trip to Help Island proved fruitless.

Patric: Milo I am posting your question on your blog.
Patric: My blog.
Patric: Tell me your problem in one sentence or less.
Milo: look
Milo: hey i have this
[Hands me a notecard and says something about "flying fish"]
Patric: i am not interested in your flying fish
Patric: right now i'm more interested in your problem
Milo: that is a problem dude
Milo: did you get notepad read it
Patric: oh sorry didn't realize flying fish was your problem.
Patric: I'll just post that you have a flying fish problem and someone will know what that means
Milo: no dude you need to post this
Milo: Can't move object 'Flying Fish8!' to { 185.762, 115.994, 1459.46 } in region Watarrka Park because you are banned from the parcel.
Milo: or this
Milo: Hi, i have a flying fish object that i lost and now every minute i hear a message saying that it's stuck somewhere in a banned area.
Milo: brb im going to bathroom

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