Sunday, March 25, 2007


I want to invent a wristwatch that uses the hairs on my wrist and my freckles to keep the time instead of a clunky timepiece.

New Band Name:
Bedrock Feet

I want new sipping noises for a wide variety of coffees.
Sip sip noise: when it's really hot.
Gulp Gulp: after 10 creamers cooling it down.
Echo Echo: when your nose is down the cup and you insist on talking.
NOTES: The first sip of the morning will have an "ahhhh" sound.
Italic text for Italian roasts; Bold for darker roasts.

Can I swear on somebody else's mother if I use my left hand?


Someone needs to invent...
A tree in my yard that keeps getting taller with each passing day...

My dance floor:
Will have a tree in the middle with a tree fort on top.
Leaves will change colors, including the psychedelic ones.
The bark will also growl.

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