Saturday, February 10, 2007



"We had a bump and grind down at the Bach-Beethoven affair."

"I'm going to host an event where only good-looking bodies are allowed in pool."

Marketing Idea:
Perrier should get involved with SL because of all the beverages people walk around with. No one wants to see a Coke can at a party yet the sight of a classy Perrier bottle could make a big difference...

Song Title:

I Accidentally Right-Clicked the Wrong Person.

Lag Helper

I was chatting with someone on dance floor, and she's all the way across floor and I couldn't make her out. The crowd and the lag were making it impossible.
Suddenly, there's this laser in my face: She's beaming this red ruby light into my eyes from across the way. I see her now. She's holding laser pointer and (I think) smiling.
Turns out, it was an excellent device for aiding someone in laggy conditions.

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