Thursday, February 08, 2007

SL/Still buzzing

These sexy billboards would be much better served, I think, if the lady broke away from the billboard and approached you and made her pitch directly to you (but only after you showed enough interest. For example, after three minutes of standing in front of the sign she suddenly ambled towards you).

This would be a shocking, but ultimately rewarding, experience--and it would go a long way towards getting virtual salespeople accepted as contributing members of society.

"I'm here to see some skin...I don't care what kind of skin it is, as long as someone calls it skin."

"The crash made me re-log into the same club that I had just walked out on."

♫ ♫ Song snippets for Middle-of-Roaders:
I wrote out something I had regrets about and had to Backspace it away

The size of the angel's wings is not important.

Ultimate name for today:
Trip Messenger

Photographs of Me at the Club Playing Trivia at the Bar with the Happy Face at the other end.

This poor guy doesn't know what to think.

The Case of the Mysterious Floating Reefer.

It magically stays in air as long as Luch focuses on it.

Where did it go?

Luch is staring at it like it's on the cover of the album Presence.

The giant doobie ended up as a cane for a very attractive disabled cannabis angel who fluttered into view. Miracle of miracles!

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