Sunday, February 25, 2007

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Hey-Back Machine

In a busy club the 'heys' may come fast and furious. Eliminate hard feelings (or confusion) by automatically typing 'hey' to anyone who offers you one--no matter how faint they are. Never miss 'heys' again!

Clothing Options

MasterPee: have you ever rezzed naked to an event thanks to the lag?
reddJ: i change here alwasy for next event lol
MasterPee: that is the worst
DaisyC: not yet, Master...and I don't want to start now.
MasterPee: i made it all right but my clothes didn't
DaisyC: lol
MasterPee: thank god i had a towel in inventory
DaisyC: now that's funny, Master.....
MasterPee: always have a towel in inventory
reddJ: least iam no wearing primstonight lol
JeanP: I've had some major lag on my clothing changes before... kinda embarraassing!
MasterPee: it took you 5 minutes to put on those shoes
JeanP: Something like that, seriously.
reddJ: thats what tp home is for real fast lol
MasterPee: you need chiropractor
audreyM: rofl
JeanP: I dunno, the great thing about SL is that we have zero-G boobies!
MasterPee: i wish clothes just didn't suddenly appear...i would like to see myself putting them on
reddJ: we used to fly up at the other place lol
audreyM: rofl Master
reddJ: i think we all have changed our clothes up there
MasterPee: left sleeve first, then right
MasterPee: one good thing about SL is that you can leave your purses behind
audreyM: true
MasterPee: no one ever peddles purses
redJ: lol

Nude Shopping

Who will be the first entrepeneur to open up a discount food chain exclusively for nude shoppers?


I watched (and watched) the best, trippiest, coolest, most intersting SL video last night and today. If This is Second Life Why is My Heart Breaking in Real Life

Stairway to Chicken

I saw this dude building this spiral staircase that was his homage to chicken.

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