Friday, February 02, 2007

Traveling without consent

Like it or not, we are stuck on a rock going 67,000 miles per hour. Time and space move past us at a brilliant pace. We are forever marching forward; we are gliding through the universe. We are made up of components of the universe. Our neighboring planets, the Sun, and us are composed of a 'solar system,' and this 'solar system' spins around our galaxy at approximately 490,000 miles per hour. We share this galaxy with a multitude of other solar systems, all traveling the same astronomical speeds. Meanwhile, we earthlings continue to squabble over mundane things like oil and water. It puts our evolution into perspective...
We are forever marching through time and space. Over time our planet has even become its own interstellar vehicle. Who needs a man-made contraption to guide us through space when our own planet has done the job nicely? Over eons, Earth has picked up spores and spacedust and other panspermia as it travels through the endlessness of space. Our planet is fertile ground for an incomprehensible number of species. (No wonder we are allegedly checked out so regularly.)
We are space travelers, like it or not.

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Patrick said...

The next time your wife complains that you never take her anywhere, show her the above article. :P