Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SL/420/Fantasy Flight

I'd love to sit in the middle of a busy airplane (like a 747) and have drinks served to me, maybe an inflight movie, and some turbulance.

The stewardess would be wearing a skimpy stewardess outfit and I would be able to see the outline of her thong underwear. I would get popcorn served via a combo poporn/air-sickness bag that drops from the ceiling.

The only smoking would be from the complimentary joints the stewardess hands out.

We'd have permission to open the emergency doors and bail out with parachutes strapped to our backs. This would be for sport.

Meanwhile, a Mile-High Club would thrive in the restrooms. (New sex animations would have to be invented, especially for those cramped conditions.)

The inflight movie could only show airline disaster flicks.

Along the way, turbulance would occasionally rock the boat, forcing us to change seats. We would have new seat mates. Aisle-seaters would have window seats and vice versa. Those standing would be tossed all directions. New dance partners would be created!

The cockpit would not be off-limits. Every guy would be able to drool over the control panel. Every girl would be able to seduce the pilots.
[If the pilots were women, they could also be seduced.]

The scenery outside the windows would change according to the conditions. If it was rainy, then you might see lightning. If it was sunny, then you might see a UFO>>>>>

The meals on the aircraft would be barely edible. In fact, free lindens could be obtained by suffering through multiple airline meals.

The passenger who donates the most money at the end of the flight gets to have his/her bags carried out personally by the pilot.
New Group name:
The group above my head currently says: "Damn Crazy," which I am partial to.
Although this one would be tasteless: "Extremely Popular."

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