Monday, February 19, 2007

Second Life/SL Stoner conversation between Milo and Muwa: Punchable Time Pillow

Milo: oh shit dude
Milo: now i see what time is it
Muwa: nooo
Muwa: time is my worst enemy on SL
Milo: here its 2:40am dude i must go to sleep dude
Muwa: i want to get chased by a giant clock representing real time
Muwa: it will be like a nightmare
Milo: we must buy some clock
Milo: and put it in house
Milo: to take time in usa and in serbia
Muwa: we need to combine our times
Muwa: i will take the second hand if you want the hour hand
Milo: lol
Milo: for me its too late stupid time
Muwa: i want to be able to punch Time
Milo: to you its about 8pm thats wright?
Milo: *at yours place
Muwa: we need to construct a huge punchable Time pillow
Milo: dude i really must go
Muwa: ok
Muwa: get
Milo: cya tomorrow
Muwa: git
Muwa: cya then
Milo: i must get up at 11:30am

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