Sunday, February 11, 2007

SL/420/Happy Tables

The tip is something you have to earn tonight. Read it.

Speaking of $$$

A good way to earn lindens would be to inch your way along a power line (tip-toeing). The powerline would occasionally sway in the wind, and you might not make it to other side. Also, it could rain at any moment, making you a fried possum. But the longer you stay on the powerline, the more you will earn.

Another way would be to hang around a fountain and when passers-by toss in coins you could dive after them. (This would all be legit, of course.) Several of you would be diving at once so it would resemble the Epiphany of the Greek Orthodox Church (except this one's for strict monetary gain). The scene could also look like a dolphin show, but instead of fish, you would surface with lindens in your teeth. You could dry off between dives and change outfits--possibly earning more lindens that way. Soon you would be in good enough (financial) shape to leave the fountain but why would you? The fountain is a really cool place to hang out.

Running Advertisement
I'd spotted this cutie in the casino and she was wearing a sandwich board, but when I moved in closer to read it, she took off running.

Later at the thinking lounge.

Trying to recall what the advertisement had said.


kole said...

I Wasn`t Home 4 A Few Days,I Spend Reading Your Second life Blog 2 Hours.LOL,They Are Great As Allways!.I`m Happy 2 See Ya Having A Good Time.As Allways Your Stories Cher Me Up.

Patrick said...

Thanks, Kole....

Glad someone is enjoying them as much as me :-P