Thursday, May 31, 2007

1st Life/Birthday/colons/Carabbas/Peter Lawford dream

Yesterday's birthday: 39
Phone call at work: (from Dad, who's 66)
Dad's about to be taken to Emergency Room via ambulance (blood while going #2)
After work there is a hospital mini-rendezvous involving me and Dad and brother and also my best friend, Bill.
Crisis averted. Nothing (so far as we can tell) that's "acute." Dad will stay in a couple days for more tests.
In the meantime, my job is to take out Smoochie (his pet dog)
Also in the meantime, there was a birthday dinner for me. (Dad can't make it.) (Paid for by my brother.)
At Carrabba's
Thinking about my colon as I eat Chicken Cannelloni.
My friend Bill is also in attendance. He's been my best friend for 13 years. My (very) nice brother pays for his meal too.
Sleep is restful and uneventful except for this peculiar dream...

A dream right before I woke up involving Peter Lawford (!) :
I'm offered a small parcel of scrub-brush real estate in Arizona for $100. Seems like a fair deal. Then the dream shifts to my real-life manager, Rob, showing me how to insert these stick-like devices (plastic rose stems?) into tubs that are filled with a squishy substance like Jello. We are in a parking garage in Arizona, not far from the parcel I just bought, and these sticks are apparently for display. Each stick requires that it first be broken near the top and then sort of twisted as it's inserted into the tub so that it remains standing. Peter Lawford is helping me do this "chore" after Rob leaves, and I am very frustrated that my sticks don't remain standing. Instead, they disappear into the goo. Peter Lawford is preaching patience.
Peter Lawford is an expert at making these sticks stay afloat. He tells me that I am not twisting them properly. I wake up.

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