Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Paging DrAlbert Hoffman

SL/Me and Milo coax Angelaa to try Ctrl-8 Five Times

Patric: Milo never inhales in SL or in RL
Milorad Lehmann: lol
Angelaa Capalini: that would be not right
Milorad Lehmann: air it's bad
Milorad Lehmann: oxygen kills brain cells
Patric: all plants should be eaten and never ingested by smoke
Angelaa Capalini: riiigghhht that is how it works huh ;)
Patric: only one ingestion entry
Milorad Lehmann: that it's theory of dr. albert hoffman
Patric: oh
Milorad Lehmann: i tryed it all his theoryes lol
Patric: i tried smoking then looking at his theories with a new perspective
Milorad Lehmann: press several times ctrl + 8 and you will see
Angelaa Capalini: what's that
Angelaa Capalini: no way
Milorad Lehmann: lol
Patric: do it
Milorad Lehmann: trust us
Angelaa Capalini: no way you sucked me down a swamp monster
Milorad Lehmann: lol
Patric: it is a fantastic piece of advise
Milorad Lehmann: i will rescue you
Angelaa Capalini: you really want me to?
Patric: yes
Milorad Lehmann: yes
Patric: we will meet you when you get there
Angelaa Capalini: ctrl + 8
Patric: exactly 5 times please
Patric: how are you feeling?
Milorad Lehmann: lol
Angelaa Capalini: glad I am not high
Milorad Lehmann: lol
Angelaa Capalini: shit did 6 times bad idea
Milorad Lehmann: i'm not glad that i'm not
Patric: you keep twirling are acting like it
Milorad Lehmann: press ECS to back in normal condition
Angelaa Capalini: I am in black
Patric: hit ctrl-9 then
Angelaa Capalini: lol well my screen is
Milorad Lehmann: press ctrl
Milorad Lehmann: no
Milorad Lehmann: ESC
Angelaa Capalini: guys
Patric: escape won't work, have to use ctrl-9
Patric: is she back yet?
Angelaa Capalini: yes
You: good
Angelaa Capalini: I was transporting upstairs irl
Patric: how was your trip to the 'other side'?
Angelaa Capalini: freaky now how did you ever figure that out?
Patric: a gentleman named DrAlbert Hoffman, of all things
Angelaa Capalini: wonderful dr
Milorad Lehmann: now are you official member of the house

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