Friday, May 25, 2007

SL/Serbian Friday night pool phenomenon

The Serbians met at the pool for the weekly "Friday night phenomenon." Afterwards, I discover no more hot water in hot tub. In fact, no water period.

One of the two dance pads were missing too. I accused Milo of stacking them on top of each other.

These Serbians apparently party pretty hearty.

Milo shows me this pic. Someone (possibly Angie?) is way overdressed. Milo has shaggy hair in the pic. In fact, every pic at the pool lately has Milo with shaggy hair. What is going on with Milo's shaggy pool hair? I think only Milo knows the answer to this question.

Meanwhile, there is a fascinating leg in this picture belonging to a famous Serbian celebrity named Ceca. Here is her picture in real life:
The guy in the (above) photo has a Scottish last name and Serbian first name. His name is IvanMilojkovic McMillan.
His tattoo dominates the photo because I wanted a picture of it. I asked him if his back tickled much when people took pictures of it. He said no.
One of the Serbians, later self-described as "bored," and whom I would describe as "drunk," began to heckle me and I was forced to leave the pool area.
This is where I ended during the last half hour, among dragons.

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