Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I read something about the country of Serbia winning some international music title, and Milo confirmed this, saying it was a Eurovision (European TV) event and that Serbia had won; Serbia was best in Europe.
I said it sounded like a new type of Olympics, but instead of running and jumping, one based on music. Milo agreed. Is this evolution? I think maybe it is...
Anyway, it got me to thinking about Serbia, and Serbia's Second Life presence. A few months ago I introduced a SLNN reporter to Milo and some of his Serbian friends. She was writing a piece on underrepresented industrialized countries in Second Life, Serbia among them. Tonight, I couldn't help but think, knowing Milo as I do, when the Serbians would take over the earth--the Second Life earth that is.

P: "Do you think the Serbian population will continue to grow on here until they take over?
M: "Yes."
M: "That is in the near future."

Then he said something terrifying. Luckily, I have his name and time.
Milorad Lehmann: it's consiparacy[18:16] Milorad Lehmann: we actuallly rule with SL but you don't know[18:16]

"I am still looking for a Second Life nephew, I am proud to say."


Tateru Nino said...

The Eurovision Song Contest has been running every year since 1956. Serbia first entered the competition in 2004 partnered with Montenegro, and this year was their first year representing themselves.

Glad they did well.

Alex Burgess said...

The first step in their march toward domination...?

Patrick said...

Hopefully :)