Sunday, May 27, 2007

SL/Stuck in a Mall/Survival Tips

Today there were lots of "teleporting issues" for me. Here is where I got stuck:

For two hours I was unable to teleport out of this mall (where I'd gone looking for formal wear accessories). [Walking was out of the question, too.] For two hours, I had to pace around and look at every single display at least five times, constantly hitting the 'Teleport' button to no avail.
This display caused me the most anxiety:

My "survival tip" would be to "Always stay in a crowded area if you're not sure there's not going to be any server issues." This way you will have actual people to talk to and not just shoes and wigs and men's ties, like me. If you do get stuck in a place for up to 1-5 hours solo, try to make it in a mall--if possible. But even in a mall, I must admit, I came very very close to logging out. At one point I actually began looking at sales involving the "other gender," which is to say, I forced my mind into a whole new discipline. This also helped me to survive.

Excerpt from "Memoirs of Being Stuck on Island Alone":
"At one point, I saw a poseball and began to drool."


Alex Burgess said...

"I came very very close to logging out, believe me."

Hmm... do you have relogophobia?

If you don't, try relog->login [name of region]


Patrick said...

Oh, for some reason that didn't help, Alex. I ended up having to rely on someone to send me a TP each time (to move). I literally ended up following her around all day like a puppy

Wrath said...

I have so totally been there, dude. I got stuck, in all places, a ladies clothing store for what seemed an eternity and every single girl shopping there spoke Italian that afternoon, except one. So, not only was everyone grey and I could not tp out, but I couldn't strike up conversation with anyone. Finally, someone was able to tp me out, since relogging was out of the question. ;-)