Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SL/Erlon Obviate resurfaces as a non-addict

in several different time zones

One of the first people I ever met in Second Life (way back in December, eons ago), Erlon Obviate, IM'd me while I was offline to say hello...that he keeps meaning to talk to me, but I'm never in his time, his time being Brazilian time. This struck me as odd because I've always assumed South America's time zones were the same as North America's. So I did a lookup and discovered that Brazil is one hour ahead of us in Florida. Very cool.
But Erlon messaged me at 15:34 SL time, which is the same thing as 3:34pm Pacific time--or 7:34pm Brazilian time (6:34pm my time)--which really isn't that late.
Erlon is keeping regular hours, I see. That will change once he becomes addicted. (If he becomes addicted.) My mission is to encourage Erlon Obviate to become addicted.

Long live Second Life!

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