Saturday, May 19, 2007

SL/When hair falls out learn to belly dance

I went to the UFO during a costume change at Milo's party and my hair decides to fall out. Fifty trips to the UFO and nothing strange happens and now all of a sudden I lose my dreads? And my eyebrows, and my soul patch? Right in the middle of our pool party?
In my Inventory I have a bellydancer's costume that I knew would come in handy someday if I didn't get rid of it, so I return to party as though nothing had happened.
The veils do a decent job covering up the fact that I've lost my hair.


Gorilla Bananas said...

All humans look bald to me. Have you thought of getting a rug? Or putting on a Star Trek uniform so you look like Picard?

Patrick said...

A rug is a good idea but the ones I've seen are all human hair, or artificial human hair. I was thinking about trying on feathers, but that might offend certain groups or ostriches.
Your hair would be a good match, but then I'd have to worry about how to part it. Do you...shampoo?
Picard looks dashing without hair because he has a striking face. My face requires, I'm afraid, some degreee of hair as a distraction. I'm thinking about changing species...