Monday, May 28, 2007

SL/402/Motion Sickness

Several times Yetrates has invited me to watch her race cars. She has a thing about racing, whereas I'm more of a spectator. Yesterday, she informed me she had won a big race. Today, she wanted me to join her at the race track--again.

In honor of today's holiday, I told her: "Only if I can bet on your car."

Earlier, I had brought my club (and balls) to a futuristic/fantastic dance club that Angie introduced me to called "'Inspire' Space Spark club."

The floors actually rotate as you revolve around the planets.
My goal was to knock a ball into Venus.
There were so many poseballs that my ball ended up getting lost.

About that time the moon rotated into view.
I told Yetrates I had one more ball left...that it was just for her...and to not say a goddamned word.

It sliced to the left.

This is me trying to launch myself off the dance floor while Yetrates holds me back. /
Later in the car you can see my club sticking out.

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