Thursday, May 17, 2007

SL/Ode to the Newbie

Newbie as 'Toddler'

Eager for friendship, they offer 'friendship cards' in all directions. I get one every time I'm near a Newbie.

They change clothes in public, with no 'shame' about nakedness.

As the toddler looks around in amazement, and takes baby steps, so does the Newbie. The world is a Mystery and a Delight to the toddler-Newbie.

Communication is very basic for the Newbie. Typing and texting evolve rapidly, however.

Inventory items (such as boxes) are frequently discarded by the exploring Newbie.

Finally, the Newbie gains enough skills to pass the mysterious barrier where he/she is no longer a "Newbie." A resident "kid" now. With all the social games that go with it.

Second Life is like the "New Childhood."

A magical thing to go through.


vint said...

Indeed. I like the puberty stage. That much that I don't want to leave it, yet! :d

Patrick said...

Exactly. I don't want to become an adult on SL. No way, no how.