Thursday, May 24, 2007

SL/(Neighborly) Vibes

That's a spicy meatball

The beach house with the UFO has attracted a diverse and lovely set of neighbors.

My longest-time neighbor is an Australian lady (Juko). Followed by an Israeli man (Simon). Followed by an American woman (Myth). Followed by, and I kid you not, a colony of French lesbians (on the south east corner). Of course, the pool is mainly occupied by Serbians, as is my house. A Dutch and two American woman also stay occasionally at the house. Same as a Brazilian guy (Erlon).

I am still looking for a certain lady in Texas to visit me, who I've never seen outside of 1st Life.

As far as I know all this makes sense.


kole said...

wow patrick,long time no see man.u totally quit BF,Me 2 Allmost...Haven`t Cya Ya In A While.Whats Up With U?.How Is Second Life?.And Real Life?

Patrick said...

Kole! How are you, dear buddy? :)

Oh, BF42 I haven't forgot about... I keep meaning to get back there!

How have you been? 'How is Second Life' you ask? A Trip, per usual, I must declare. 'Real life' is there from 5:30am when the alarm clock goes off to about 6:12pm when I arrive home to immerse myself into Second Life. Trust me, when Real Life gets it's hooks into you it's hard to get away.

How have you been (repeating)?

kole said...

I`m Fine,Going Out Working A Little,Nuthin Special.Just Every Day Stuff..As I Said I`m Ok,Little Bored From Time 2 Time,I Have 2 Much Free Time,So I`m Dating Girls,Traveling A Lil`,Going 2 Gym,Sitting In Front Of My Comp.I`m Glad 2 Hear That U Are Doing Ok!...Off The Subject:Patrick,I Was Thinking,Why Dont U Write Some Kind Of Book,I Mean I`m Not A Book Person At All,But I Can Read Your Storys 4 Hours And Not Get Bored,And I Also Noticed That Every1 Else Likes Them 2 A Lot + They Are Very Funny.Plz Think About This,I Think It Will Be A Best Seller :)))).

P.S. I`m So Glad That That U Are Doing Ok,Keep It Up!

Patrick said...

I just realized that Blogger has been keeping all my pictures in .bmp format. I assumed they would switch automatically to .jpeg, so I'm sorry if you're not able to view them (I think you are on a Mac, right, Kole, and can't view .bmp??)

Thanks for the compliment. I think I will write a book some day but I've been working for years on what to call it. Once I solve the that problem the book will write itself :-)

kole said...

Nah,I Switched 2 Normal PC.I Got Bored Searching 4 Programs And There Is Allways Something Missing On MAC.......Name The Book:ART OF STORY TELLING,Cuz 4 Real U Are A Real Artist When It Comes 2 One.

P.S. I Will Luv 2 Read Your Books(I`m Not Sayin` A Book,Cuz I Know U Are Going 2 Write More Of Them).As I Said,I`m Not A Book Preson,But This Is Something U Must Do

Patrick said...

If I write it will you bind it?

kole said...

I Will Be Honured 2 Do So......Maybe They Will Make A Movie :))))

P.S. Plz Just Do It