Sunday, May 27, 2007

SL/Homeless Shelters

The morning was spent visiting the (suprisingly) many homeless shelters in Second Life.
Currently, I'm a property owner but I have a real fear of being homeless one day.

So I figured why not spend Sunday poking around places where I can crash if the economy goes haywire or a natural disaster like a real-life crash wipes out my home (or any references to my home).
So I visited the homeless shelters "just in case."
[pic upcomng]
[pic upcoming]
[pic upcoming]

[pic upcoming]

They ranged from good to good-enough-for-government to grimy. The only working refrigerator I could find, ironically, was in the grimy shelter. The "good" shelter had a painted-on version. Luckily, it had live turkeys running around otherwise its rating would be lower.

The grimy homeless shelter had intermittent gunfire and numerous casualties. But no ghosts. The "good" shelter, on the other hand, had zero gunfire and no casualties and one ghost. Go figure.

Some of the shelters had working railroad tracks but I didn't see a single train while I was there. I heard plenty of them in the distance. I think they all stopped at the next towns over.
At each shelter I was offered something to do with turkey. At the good shelter I was offered a real turkey. At the good-enough-for-govt. shelter I was offered a fake turkey. At the grimy shelter I was called a turkey.

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