Monday, May 28, 2007

SL/Milo Meters

Milo was with us.

Then suddenly he was (Away).

We found out we could move Milo around quite easily while he was away.

At one point Yetrates transported him on the hood of her car.

By the time I logged off, Milo had been dragged hundreds of meters throughout Rotterdam to this nightclub.

After I logged off, Yetrates emailed me these photos:


Wrath said...

OMG I cannot stop laughing!! Poor Milo, rofl!

Still wondering what his first words were when he came back from being (Away).

Patrick said...

I tried asking him about it the next day but I'm not sure he even realized what happened... :-/

Ayo said...

My God this blog must be in my bookmarks...hahahahahahha
Poor Milo..:pp