Monday, November 05, 2007

SL/Good Night pt. 2

Good Night part 2, stoner style (see below for part 1)


I rezzed to the very last place I left (both seats now occupied).

"hello again, Johnni"
"shirtless, enjoying afternoon sun?"
"way too hot"
"who is the dude? next to you?
...wait...i don't know how to refer to him"


Johnnie: i dont know either
Patric: i mean to her
Patric: i mean to him
[18:03] Patric: i mean to her
[18:03] You: this makes me anxious
[18:03] Johnni: never realy looked at it him/her
[18:04] You: you are more interested in making money than looking?
[18:04] You decline The Hummingbird Cafe, Menorca (58, 11, 23) from A group member named Leira Vaughan.
[18:04] Leo Ra [Johnni's real name]: yeah, i'm in im's
[18:04] Leo Ra: i not too long ago came from some club
[18:04] You: it reminds me of the sandwich--club, i don't like it
[18:04] Leo Ra: he has ok looking boobs but i aint tuchen em
[18:05] Patric: please don't call them boobs
[18:05] Patric: please call them breasts
[18:05] Leo Ra: dont know what to call em
[18:05] Turkey: well, we turkeys call them breasts
[18:05] Leo Ra: how about he-she boobs
[18:06] Turkey: it's a unique look
[18:06] Leo Ra: ha yeah
[18:07] Turkey: i think it may have to do with the sun going down
[18:07] Leo Ra: like a druid ha
[18:08] Patric: i stop talking now. i want to watch you guys earning money
[18:10] Patric: that's what i do for fun


Caterin Semyorka said...

hee hee, your posts make me laugh!

Patrick said...

/smiles at caterin, thanks.