Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SL/Good Night pt. 3

Tonight marks the third night I've shown up at this place, and here he is again. This time he's wearing a suit. Meanwhile, his seatmate's beard has grown out a little.

If my calculations are correct, they've earned about $50L, just by sitting there, and eventually they'll go somewhere else where they can earn money standing up.

I once was at a dance hall where you got paid to dance, and the longer you danced, the more money you got. If you went on a break, however, or stopped dancing for whatever reason, you lost all your earnings. You literally had to keep dancing non-stop for 10 hours before they paid you. One couple I saw was into their seventh or eighth hour dancing, and you could tell they were tired. He kept calling her by different names. She stopped using her space bar altogether so her words cametogetherlikethis. I don't know if they finished or not because I was forced to drop out after the first hour because a bot asked me a surprise question while I was away visiting the fridge, and because I didn't answer, I got disqualified by the bot, who assumed I was using a script to stay "alive" in Second Life while sneaking away in real life. Does that make sense? I appealed to the owners of the club to see if I could get my hour back, and they said "no," that I would have to start all over again, and to answer any questions the bot should ask me.

Someone asked me what was the question was, and I said I had no idea. The bot just told me I was "busted" for not answering its question.

When I inquired what the question was, the bot just looked at me.

To me, it seems like bots don't like answering questions themselves.

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