Sunday, November 11, 2007


More and more events, I'm noticing are becoming 'Thanksgiving'-themed the closer we get to the magical date of 22 November. I have mixed feelings about that date, because although I get to see plenty of Turkeys leading up to it, such as this stately fellow, the fact remains we will be eventually be eaten, no matter what.
Last year, I'm told, most of the turkeys in Second Life got together and tried to escape, symbolically. It's interesting that they were reportedly successful.
For the next week (or so) I'm going to try to find the ringleader of last year's turkey rebellion in case it should happen again. He goes by the name "Pole Tree" I'm told, which is an allusion to "Poultry." "Pole Tree" is said to be such a brilliant escape artist he can literally wait until he's being passed around the table before making his getaway. He launches right off the dinner table, in front of the surprised guests and horrified hostess, turns around and faces them with a big ol' smile on his face--not accusingly--and says: "Happy Thanksgiving," before diving out the window.
He then meets up with all his cohorts near the swamp, and they all press the little red X together, and that's that.

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