Saturday, November 24, 2007


I saw Milo making out with Marycat on the beach near the house. There was lots of surf.

This is me standing on their hammock, attempting to surf.
Ulises was there too and I noticed he was not the same as when I saw him last.
"You changed your hair," I said. "And your heels. ...And your breasts."
"I'm bored," he stated.
Ulises had bigger boobs now to play with (if he wanted to...). Every avatar can, with a few minor clicks, undergo a major alteration. He could easily have transformed into a 350lb male motorcycle psychopath if he wanted to. But he chose a more delicate specimen.
As I was standing there, trying to figure him out, a blur caught my attention, and I looked up and darned if it wasn't Santa Claus! He was riding a reindeer about 75 mph. The reindeer was beaming a red light straight ahead.
"It's Santa!" I yelled, snapping pics.
"I don't believe in Santa," replied Ulises.
"I've got pics. Digital pics!"
I don't think Ulises cared. Anyway, I've got the first shot of Santa (possibly) in Second Life so far this year...and remember, this was the tropics.

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