Friday, November 16, 2007

SL/Fact and some fiction

I wandered onto her land.

"Want to eat?" she asked me.

Did I look like I needed to eat? I may live longer.

"It's better to be a bird. Believe me," she said.
Did I hear her right?

"Do you speak?" she finally asked.

It was my turn to talk.

"I speak chicken scratch and turkish," I said.

She had no hair on her head, so I wondered if this signified at attempt to "drop out" of society...thus, her appraisal of birds.

"You know, you can be one yourself," I said.


"A bird. You can be a bald eagle. You can be a turkey vulture too."


"I thought you liked birds..."

"I do like birds. I have one in my house, and one in my skillet right now."


"I eat in front of my parakeet; he doesn't mind."

Traitor, I thought.

"The last chicken I ate had no name. I named my parakeet, though. His name is Spot."

"Even thawed birds deserve names," I reminded her.

"Spot is named after my last pet, a dog." She wasn't really listening.

"Wild," I thought.

"Spot ran away shortly after I got my parakeet. So I just started calling my parakeet Spot."

"Uhhhhh" I said.
---- be continued

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