Wednesday, November 07, 2007

SL/Missing Milo leads to The Vagina Dialog


I met with Ulises, the Spaniard, who asked if I'd seen Milo, our Serbian buddy, and I had to say "no" (at least not lately). And the word "no" he understood right away, since it was a Spanish word too. He doubly understood me.

"We need to look in Lost and Found," I suggested. (Does Second Life have one?)

"I've looked there already. Nothing," he said.

I told Ulises I had to use the sandbox. "Brb," I told him.

After a minute or so I returned and asked him why he hadn't kept typing while I was away since I use cordless headphones. He didn't understand, so I explained it was okay to keep typing while I was away in real life, since I can hear the typing noises anywhere I go, and I completely understand "typing."

"I can hear every word you're spelling out" I told him.

"Sure..." said Ulises.

Ulises wanted to leave and go somewhere else. Fine, I told him. When he asked what on earth was taking me so long, I told him I was waiting for a leash.

Ulises Snook: Leash?
Patric: I don't go anywhere unless I'm leashed.
Patric: sorry, policy.

"I am not gay," I reminded him after a few moments, "yet get a leash."

We decided to stay.

Ulises at first thought I was Serbian, not a Floridian, because of the "Milo connection." We got to talking about languages and he said he had taken French in high school but needed to brush up on it again. I suggested that Second Life was the perfect place to re-learn it rather than travelling up north. He said most French people speak English in SL.
I said that's only because he hadn't bumped into any yet. "That way you'll at least get reacquainted with the curse words."
He said I sounded American, not Serbian. (I kinda liked the idea I was mistaken for a Serbian.)

"We are all one people," I said.

I said Americans used to be one color: white, with a wee bit of pink. Now we are slowly becoming brown.

"Like a turkey" I said.

Ulises said he had to return to the States soon. To Madison, especially.

"No one's in Madison right now," he said.

"What's her last name?" I asked.

"Madison is a town. lol. WI."

"We don't speak of WI very much for some reason."

"Why not?"

"It is like a secret place. Away from the hubbub."


"Hubbub is like daily fracas. Except 'fracas' has nothing to do with 'France,' except I think they invented it."

He said Madison, WI is a college town with lots of pretty girls, and plenty to drink. I asked how many of them were stoners. He said he didn't think many of them were stoners.

"Too bad," I said. "I'd rather hang out with the stoners than the drinkers."

It was creeping up on 4:20...

[16:10] Patric: i divide the world into two parts
[16:10] Patric: the alcohol users and the rest of us
[16:10] Ulises Snook: i like the beer a lot
[16:10] Ulises Snook: i started late
[16:10] Ulises Snook: 5 years ago or so
[16:10] Ulises Snook: i just drink beer, mostly
[16:11] Patric: do you like it so much you now use it for cooking?
[16:11] Ulises Snook: i don't like the other alcohol drinks
[16:11] Ulises Snook: i just cook chicken with beer
[16:11] Ulises Snook: pollo a la cerveza
[16:11] Patric: if i gave you a beer spiked with wine, would you drink it?
[16:11] Ulises Snook: a mixture?
[16:11] Patric: yes
[16:11] Ulises Snook: no
[16:11] Patric: ok
[16:11] Patric: a true alchy would
[16:11] Ulises Snook: you?
[16:12] Patric: no
[16:12] Ulises Snook: i am not alchy
[16:12] Ulises Snook: i just like beer
[16:12] Patric: i see
[16:12] Ulises Snook: and get drunk with it
[16:12] Patric: beer has made me get to know my bladder more
[16:12] Patric: before, i barely knew it
[16:12] Ulises Snook: bladder?
[16:12] Patric: bladder is the organ which holds urine
[16:13] Ulises Snook: vejiga, i got it
[16:13] Patric: not vejina
[16:13] Patric: bladder
[16:13] Ulises Snook: no
[16:13] Ulises Snook: vagina is other thing
[16:13] Patric: lol
[16:13] Patric: barely
[16:13] Ulises Snook: lol
[16:13] Patric: how do you say vagina?
[16:13] Ulises Snook: same
[16:13] Patric: is it a common spanish word?
[16:14] Ulises Snook: but the g sounds different
[16:14] Ulises Snook: no,
[16:14] Ulises Snook: we say coño
[16:14] Ulises Snook: coño=pussy
[16:14] Patric: we say pussy too
[16:15] Patric: there must be a country where vagina isn't a word and we could move there and name our daughter by that name and encounter no problems
[16:15] Patric: brb
[16:15] Ulises Snook: i think vagina is very common in many languages

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