Thursday, November 29, 2007

SL/Things on screen are becoming more "real"

Hockey -- Second Life Hockey! -- was being broadcast on TV. It is amazing watching a simulcast of a sport that is all about speed...and Hockey speed being no problem in Second Life. We've come a long way in a short time!
My friend Uva Oxide, the walking-talking tree, showed up at the theater while the game was on.

Patric: down in front
Patric: you, the tree, down in front
Uva Oxide: yeah yeah :-P
Patric: this is supposed to be a live broadcast
Uva Oxide: man, I'm that person with the big hair
Patric: lol
Patric: you've finally become that person
Uva Oxide: I like to hide in the back if it's a big crowd ;-)
Patric: you need a trim
Patric: hold on, i got a chainsaw
Patric: j/k
Uva Oxide: yeah been adding branches actually
Patric: oh cool

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