Friday, November 30, 2007

SL/weird glitch leads to The King living on

Due to some glitch, Johnthomas's legs were bowlegged and I was actually taller than he was.
"It's great to see the top of your head," I joked.
It was only a matter of time till we got to an area where JT could take advantage of some steps.
"You are higher than me now," I observed. "And imagine my happiness at seeing the underside of your nose again."
JT dismounted, then the real fun began.
Patric: uh oh... i recognize those clothes
Patric: omg
Patric: is that Big E?


Patric: I didn't realize Elvis was so tan...
johnthomas Jun: in the house!
Patric: are you elvis or don ho?
johnthomas Jun: depends on blood alcohol level
Patric: if i see a lei over your neck i still won't know if you are Elvis or Don Ho
johnthomas Jun: let me relog
Patric: why, do you need sideburns?
Johnthomas Jun: that too
Moments later, Johnthomas Elvis came back and I got a good (side) view of him.
Patric: you look great
Elvis: woo that feels better
Patric: if slightly chunky
Patric: you are the slightly chunky Elvis
Elvis: i love donuts

Then I knew the whole reason for the transformation: "You are no longer bowlegged!"
By shapeshifting into Elvis, Johnthomas had gotten rid of the bowleggedness. Plus, he gained a lot more confidence with women.
Then, between puffs, I thought of the 'Ultimate Elvis.' "Be the fat Elvis," I suggested, "but with a military crewcut."
But by then I saw that Johnthomas was already shedding bits of the Elvis body to return to his former Self. Everything was being replaced, save the legs. Elvis's legs he would keep.
Shoes were a different story.
"Do I really need shoes?" the half-n-half Elvis asked me. "What do you say?"
"No, you're tall enough already."
"Shoes, Patric," a nearby spectator scolded. "Mama didn't raise an ape."
"Can't we settle on sandals?" I asked.
"Why?" the spectator asked.
"I love seeing Second Life toes," I admitted. "Even on men. There were no such thing as Second Life toes until about 3 months ago...Someone finally invented them. The novelty hasn't worn off yet."
"Ick," the spectator said.
"Don't get me wrong--I'd rather see them on women, but until the novelty wears off I'll go ahead and check them out on men too."
"As a creator, especially. I'm always looking out for new ideas."
"Last time I checked I didn't have toes myself," the spectator admitted. "But that was over 8 months ago."
"They could have been invented and attached by now. Who knows."

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