Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SL/Thanksgiving Eve

I needed distractions so I went immediately to
Laguna Nude Beach.
Celeste Lopez: lol
Celeste Lopez: turkey
Sophia Kittel: shit
Celeste Lopez: yummy
Sophia Kittel: a turkey
Sophia Kittel: hahah
Celeste Lopez: i like white meat plz
Celeste Lopez: hehe
Sophia Kittel: hiya turkey
Turkey: i'm naked except for my hat
Sophia Kittel: are u juicy or dry?
Celeste Lopez: where's the stuffing
Celeste Lopez: hlol
Turkey: saliva starting already i see
Sophia Kittel: do u need to be stufffed?
Celeste Lopez: haha
Sophia Kittel: hehe
Celeste Lopez: loca
Sophia Kittel: hahah
Turkey: i need to relax
Celeste Lopez: give me a knife
Sophia Kittel: i wouldnt relax if i were u
Sophia Kittel: heh heh heh
Celeste Lopez: haha
Turkey: i came to a nude beach so i could relax and spot knives

Zombie Vinson: sorry did i miss anything
Celeste Lopez: we're about to cut the turkey
Zombie Vinson: ohhh yeah happy thanksgiving guys :):)
Celeste Lopez: aww
Celeste Lopez: ty
Celeste Lopez: same to u
Zombie Vinson: i'm in aust...we don't have it here :(


Turkey: mmmm
Turkey: nice thighs
Turkey: juicy breasts
Zombie Vinson: lmfao
Turkey: i'm talking about myself
Celeste Lopez: haha

Still later....
Turkey: this is a nude beach and all i've seen so far nude are guys
Crystalicious Oh: Well, some people dont wanna be nude lol
Turkey: as a turkey i find that perposterous
Crystalicious Oh: Well this is a very nice place
Turkey: i mean preposterous
Turkey: i checked with Google to see if i spelled perposterous right
Turkey: turns out, 10,000 people spelled it wrong too

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