Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SL/Turkey IM

[19:13] Turkey: happy pre-thanksgiving
[19:14] Angelaa: Aww how is Mr. Turkey
[19:14] Angelaa: getting nervous?
[19:14] Turkey: no, calm
[19:14] Turkey: i've accepted my fate
[19:14] Angelaa: still a turkey?
[19:17] Turkey: for now
[19:17] Turkey: soon i will be digested
[19:18] Angelaa: gizzard and all
[19:18] Turkey: i hope they choke on my gizzard
[19:18] Angelaa: lol
[19:20] Angelaa: gobble?
[19:20] Turkey: you don't speak our language
[19:20] Turkey: stop pretending you do
[19:21] Angelaa: lol
[19:21] Angelaa: is it more like gobble gobble?
[19:21] Turkey: if you stutter, sure
[19:21] Turkey: or if you're really hungry

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