Monday, November 26, 2007

SL/Major Glitch/thank god it was nearing 16:20

The glitch that's been causing men to grow breasts finally caught up to me tonight, and it was my turn to walk around in what appeared to be C (possibly D) cups. I had to take off my shirt in order to view them properly.

Meanwhile, Ulises once again was "all male," so he messaged me.

[16:13] Ulises Snook: hi stoner. doing good?
[16:22] Patric Styrian: stonering as we speak
[16:22] Ulises Snook: i know man
[16:22] Ulises Snook: but good?
[16:22] Patric Styrian: i have breasts
[16:23] Patric Styrian: it finally affected me tonight
[16:23] Ulises Snook: how is it?
[16:23] Patric Styrian: it's a glitch that's been going around
[16:23] Patric Styrian: terrible
[16:23] Patric Styrian: i keep staring at them, but want to cover them up
[16:23] Ulises Snook: i want to see it
[teleports me to him]
[16:26] Ulises Snook: patric
[16:26] Ulises Snook: want a bra?
[16:27] Patrick Styrian: lol
[16:27] Patrick Styrian: no thanks
[16:27] Patrick Styrian: i don't own a bra in inventory, nor do i plan on starting

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