Sunday, November 25, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 27/poor Bill

Dannie the tiger was in front of Soy.

"Dannie, why your arms folded? what's wrong?"
(Dannie vanished.)
Soy: I'm sorry to have addressed her just as she teleported out of here
Mack: i'm sure she doesn't mind, soy
Soy: thank u, Mack
Soy: i see you are growing a beard, too
Soy: nice
Mack: i think it's maxed
Mack: lol
Mack: it never gets any thicker, or longer
Soy: i always wish to get thicker and longer...
Bill: sorry to interrupt but is there a problem tonight with clothes and things?
I'm pretty sure I'm not a girl
Soy: Um
(Bill had breasts... With capital Cs.)
Soy: do those things work?
Bill: it must be lag or something
Michel: where are Siegfried and Roy
Bill: is there some way I can reset my look?
Bill: This is not my avatar
Tele Porta: ? bill, what do you mean?
Soy: i think you look fine
Mack: you could try to go into edit>appearance
Mack: that sometimes fixes
Soy: don't regress to a male avatar
Bill: but I'm a guy and it appears to me that my avatar is a girl
Soy: it's ok
Mack: well that's common
Soy: we will hold it against you
Bill Dreamscape: :)
Bill Dreamscape: I am cut to the quick
Tele Porta: bill, did you port into here?
Bill Dreamscape: 'no
Tele Porta: teleport?
Bill Dreamscape: this is my home
Bill Dreamscape: so to speak
Bill Dreamscape: Do I look like a girl to you all?
StiX Harvey: yes bill
Matty Boomhauer: Bill, yes you do
Bill Dreamscape: maybe if I had an IE on the end of my name I could get away with it
Bill Dreamscape: LOL
StiX Harvey: can i have a squeeze bill?
Soy Burger: turn around, "bill"
Bill Dreamscape: I've never been a girl before
StiX Harvey: hehehe
Soy Burger: i didn't see the sillouette of a penis when you turned around
Soy Burger: i think that means it's too late
Bill Dreamscape: oh no, doomed to be a girl
Bill Dreamscape: LOL
Soy Burger: you have your first admirer, Bill
Bill Dreamscape: uh oh
Soy Burger: Bill, i think you are getting more noticed than if you were a guy
Soy Burger: ok, he is signalling his interest
Soy: he has removed his shirt
Bill Dreamscape: he he
Bill Dreamscape: I'm in trouble
lvl3memba Woller: lol
Soy Burger: both men and women signal their interest by removing their shirts
Kristiin Cortes: lol
Bill Dreamscape: lol
lvl3memba Woller: so not true!
lvl3memba Woller: lol
Soy Burger: we saw it with our own made up eyes
Bill got dressed all the way.
Soy Burger: thank you, bill, for getting dressed, finally, because, even though you're not (really) a woman, this is still a PG sim

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