Saturday, November 03, 2007

SL/Good Night

In Doll City, which Elle co-founded, there is a camping bench, where a camper can earn $L just by sitting.

Johnni had earned $18L by the time I arrived. I figured he'd been sitting close to an hour.

"Keep it up," I told him. "There's a bonus in it for you."

"Bonus?" Johnni asked.

"Tonight, when the clocks go back an hour, you get an extra hour's payout. Congratulations."
He was stunned. He hadn't thought about the time change, nor had be planned on sitting that long. It was merely 8 o'clock.

"What if I don't want to participate?" he asked.

Was he from another part of the world?

"You must participate, man. You're in too deep already."

"No thanks," he said, standing.

I took over his spot. I wanted to sit on a warm seat, anyway, in preparation for the holiday.

"Not bad," I told him. "I would rate this 175 degrees."

"I'm glad you like it." His body language told me it was time for me to leave.

"I'll leave just as soon as you stop sitting on me" I said.

"What?" his muffled voice said back.

"GET OFFA ME" I shouted.

He had (inadvertantly) sat on me, trying to reclaim the old magic on that side of the bench, I guess, but unfortunately I was still there. He apologized profusely.

"No, I apologize," I interrupted. "I can't tolerate anyone being profuse."

The bench was apparently not big enough for the both of us. So I hopped off.

"I'll be back for any feathers that I may have dropped" I said.

"I'll be sure to save them for you," he replied.

"Good," I said. "And any hairs I stumble across, I'll save them for you too."

"Groovy." He smiled.

"Gracias," I said.

"Gravy" he replied.

"Gross," I whispered.

"Goodnight," he said.
"Good night, indeed, with your bonus and all."


Anonymous said...

Dammit.. Turkey.. I have to remember not to be drinking Dr. Pepper when perusing your posts.. it hurt coming out ones nose!

Patrick said...

At least you get to keep your nose :P