Thursday, November 01, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 26/the meaning of lol

Castor Breguet: Excuseme if I do an stupid question, but, What means "lol"??

Laurana Lilliehook: lol = laughing out loud
Blane Raymaker: ROTFL
Soy Burger: lol is a trick you do with your tongue
Blane Raymaker: ROTFLMAO

Soy Burger: there is almost too much laughter in Second Life

Soy Burger: it is being blamed by some for lag
Blane Raymaker: lol

Fog decided to play dead/furry infestation/warning: cross-talk

Soy Burger: lol Fog
Fog Tenk: im a corpse
Soy Burger: you are lying low
Soy Burger: nice to meet u, corpse
Soy Burger: a day late aren't we?
Fog Tenk: give my body to science
Soy Burger: climatology
Scottish Alcott: fog, dont be upset if they give it right back again matey, lol
Soy Burger: we must first give you a proper burial before we donate you to science
Laurana Lilliehook: lol
Fog Tenk: i have good parts
Laurana Lilliehook: damn, suddenly I am surrounded by furries
moog Petrova: yep nice socks foggy
Soy Burger: no allergies i hope
Yobby Slade: it's time for furry infestation
MANDALANDA Allen: Hoooo!
fist Beaumont howls! "AROOOOOOOoooooooo!"
Soy Burger: furries are here to make sure no one is wearing fur
Laurana Lilliehook: lol
Manny Hamaski: thats so last year
Soy Burger: that is felt on Fog's shirt, not fur
Soy Burger: 'think felt not pelt'
MANDALANDA Allen: Lau, what did you do to Fog?
Fog Tenk: someone should say a few words
Laurana Lilliehook: I did nothing to Fog!!!
MANDALANDA Allen: hehehehe
Soy Burger: Fog was telling us some very lame jokes, finally he just 'died'
MANDALANDA Allen: poor fog
Soy Burger: he died on stage
Fog Tenk: we all got to go
Soy Burger: he might be invited back
Soy Burger: test his reflexes to see if he's alive
Soy Burger: make the horse go to bathroom over him
Soy Burger: see if he reacts
Fog Tenk: i told the devil i was married twice he wants me to give tours in hell
Soy Burger: Fog has got a pulse
Soy Burger: he may be the only one around us who does

Soy Burger: it keeps showing i'm typing although i'm not
Soy Burger: although, i am
Soy Burger: right now

Seren Qinan: omg!! lag
Soy Burger: fog is coming to life!
Soy Burger: i just saw him hump the air
Seren Qinan: i blame csi lol
Soy Burger: put a chalk line around him
Soy Burger: then i get in spot and see if my body is bigger or not
Scottish Alcott: big story on the news tonight as well
moog Petrova: its life jim but not as we know it
[out of Fog's right hand he then released some kind of balls or bubbles that looked like smoke signals]
Soy Burger: Fog is sending out distress signals
Soy Burger: he is calling for Indian doctor
Seren Qinan: what was on the news scottish?
Soy Burger: i'm not interested in watching the news, unless it is in Scottish
Seren Qinan: lol soy
[Fog flipped over, and flipped back real quickly]
Soy Burger: Fog just did a nice flip
Soy Burger: i think he is faking it
moog Petrova: hahha soy
Soy Burger: that flip was too perfect
Soy Burger: tickle him someone
[someone then whistled]
Soy Burger: when you whistled i saw his ears go up
-/-True story--
As I was typing the above, I was using headphones, and Second Life was minimized, with the Welcome Area sounds in my ears.
Along came this weird humming noise, which started really low and got louder and louder until I couldn't stand it any longer. I whipped off my headphones to see if it was coming from the outside; nope, it was coming from the inside.
I maximized Second Life and saw these words:

[17:18] Glad Gaffer: either the lord is coming or a UFO

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